Prepare Specimens for Pick Up

We have a local courier, national Federal Express (Fedex), and national United Postal Service (UPS) services available for you.

Fedex and UPS provide us with specimen pickup and tracking services. We have the most reliable courier service for critical specimen collection and transportation, available to our clients nationwide, near or far.

Please follow the steps below to prepare your specimen for pickup:

  1. Requisitions: Complete requisitions. Attach a copy of face sheet or copy of insurance card.

  2. Specimen Labels: Label each specimen bottle or tube with sticker, note patient's name and specimen location.

  3. Biohazard specimen bag: Place the specimen and requisition in a dual pouched bag.  

    If you are a local client using the courier service, you are ready to contact Client Services to schedule a pickup.  

    For national clients, please continue the preparation of your specimen shipment.

  4. Shipping box: Place the specimen in a cardboard box with absorbent pad.

  5. Specimen clinical shipping bag: Place the box in the FedEx or UPS clinical shipping bag.

  6. Shipping airway bill: Place the airway bill on the clinical shipping bag.

  7. Courier specimen pick up:  

    Call Sterling Pathology's client service team at 1-800-899-8480.

  8. The specimen will be picked up the afternoon of the same day, and be tracked for delivery to Sterling Pathology.